Medical Insurance Analyses

Quality Analyses of the Health Insurance

Health insurance is one of the most complex services in insurance and without effective management, this creates many problems for both insurers and employers who want to have healthy and motivated staff.


Astrum Risk Management provides the assessment and advice of customers on existing health and life insurance products for quality improvement.

Our Activities

Our Activities

We primarily study the terms of medical insurance of organization and do a so-called SWOT analysis, that outlines the advantages and disadvantages of an existing contract and the opportunities and risks it may cause to insurers.

You will know how competitive your insurance is and whether it complies with the current insurance market opportunities.

Through the survey, we evaluate and measure the degree of satisfaction / dissatisfaction with employee insurance. Based on the analysis of the survey, we determine what are the positive and negative factors to focus on in the current and future insurance periods.

Based on a comprehensive analysis of medical insurance, we give you specific recommendations for improving the quality of insurance, that will help you and your employees to get better insurance.

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