Personal Manager in Insurance

Personal manager of corporate insurance

Medical and business risk insurance of the organization is one of the important parts of business activity. Insurance allows an organization to offload operational and medical risks and insure them reasonably.

Personal insurance manager - is the direct representative of the client organization in matters of corporate health and business insurance, which organizes the insurance processes of the organization and its employees, holds the insurance strategy, and monitors the quality of service during the entire insurance period.

Management process

Management process

First of all, Personal Insurance Manager is informed about the operational activities of your organization and the insurance experience that the organization currently has.

This allows uninsured risks to be seen and their adequate assessment.

Personal Insurance Manager studies the terms and conditions of the insurance product/products purchased by your organization, the concluded contracts and the risk factors and nuances in them, which are important for the development of the future insurance strategy and terms.

Personal Insurance Manager prepares insurance product conditions, technical requirements, which are required to receive offers from insurance companies.


Personal manager ensures the process of relations with insurance companies at each stage of product proposal, its review, selection and contract conclusion.

Personal Insurance Manager is focused on insuring the health and business risks of your organization's employees - at the best price! To do this, we use the best insurance practices.

Personal Insurance Manager is an insurance specialist attached to the organization, who agrees all the necessary actions with the relevant responsible person of the organization and conducts his activities transparently, protecting the best interests of the organization.

Personal Insurance Manager is involved in settling the issue in the event of an insurance accident and provides you with appropriate assistance in obtaining insurance services and their fair and timely financing.

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