Audit of business risks

Audit of business risk insurance

Astrum Risk Management provides a study of the customer's business activities and ongoing processes in order to identify any significant risks that may result in business disruption or financial loss.


We also evaluate the adequacy of the insurance products you purchase and give you recommendations for improving them.

Our Activities

Our Activities

We, first of all, get to know your business, and the processes inside to identify risks in all directions.

By analyzing business risks, we give you relevant recommendations about what type of insurance products need to have a business and what risks they cover.

We study the insurance policies and terms you have entered into, we also evaluate how adequately they cover the company's business risks and how competitive they are.

The audit document represents the current state of the company in terms of business risk insurance. The document describes what are the primary and secondary risks, how well these risks or part of them are insured.


Our goal is that you to have a clear picture of the risks in the business and about their insurance potential. We provide recommendations and support in getting adequate insurance products.

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