Business Insurance Management

Insurance Management of Business Risks

Business risk insurance and its management are some of the most important tasks for the stable operation of any company.


Astrum Risk Management provides partner companies' risk insurance with business insurance products. Our management process, from the discovery of the need for the insurance product to its implementation, сreates a unified chain that protects companies from various business risks.

Management process

Management process

Risk assessment involves identifying risks and analyzing their impact. Risk groups include strategic, operational, and financial risks, as well as other potential business-related risks.

Considering the existing risks and our best practices, we are developing the basic requirements and terms of insurance for your company.

We send the bidding document that you have agreed, to the relevant insurance company with whom we receive the best possible insurance offer as a result of our effective communication. 


We evaluate the insurance offers through a detailed analysis that sends you to make a simple and thoughtful decision.

After agreeing to both sides of the insurance policy, we will go through the legal part of the contract with your company lawyer and agree to make the necessary changes with the selected insurance company.  After that, a bilateral contract is formed.

These processes include: overseeing the timely implementation of procedures for you and your insurance company, agility, and competence in managing insurance cases, awareness, timely and complete reimbursement of losses, simplicity of reimbursement procedures, that determine your comfort in insurance-related matters and processes.

We periodically check your and your employees' insurance satisfaction through direct communication, also by survey (direct/electronic) methods and by the quality of insurance case management. Assessing the quality of insurance helps us to identify and resolve the issues and challenges that are important to your business.

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