Frequently asked questions

A company that does not have a qualified risk management consultant or partner is at high risk of causing unforeseen financial and material loss.


ASTRUM Risk Management as Insurance Advisor and Insurance Process Coordinator helps you to properly insure and administer risks.

We are focused on promoting your business :


  • By your business needs, we work out the terms of the insurance products.
  • We analyze insurance companies' offers based on our accumulated experience and developed an evaluation system, that makes it easy to make the right decision.
  • We help you to regulate insurance cases and manage communications with your insurance company.

We save your time and the human and administrative resources you need to spend on managing insurance processes.


At the same time, we provide professional risk insurance management that makes your business less risky.


We work with almost all licensed insurance companies.


When looking for an insurance product, we take into account the satisfaction of our clients and the whole market with the requested products or products of the insurance company.


Consequently, the starting point for cooperation with each insurance company is its successful experience in managing a particular product.

We use one of the possibilities for reimbursement of universal practice, which is acceptable for our partner companies.


Payment Methods:


  • From the insurance company  (Benefits in accordance with the service provided);
  • By Partner Company ( Variable / Fixed fee, depending on the service received).