Insurance Monitoring

Monitoring of Insurance Services

For the proper implementation of Health, Property, Liability, or other insurance services, it is important to see how the insurance company responds to specific insurance cases in a timely, fair and proper manner.


Astrum Risk Management provides qualified assistance to Insured and its employee in regulating insurance cases as well as timely solutions of payment and procedural issues with insurance companies.


We also provide you with the proper instructions to use your insurance properly and comfortably.

Our Activities

Our Activities

We study the terms and conditions of the insurance product/products you have purchased, the agreements with insurance companies and risk factors that are important to know for the implementation of our services.

We support insured persons and their families in obtaining medical care and reimbursement. We also work with insurance companies for a fair solution to the problems of the insured.

In the event of insurance accidents, we involve in the regulation of these issues and support you and your employees in getting insurance services and their fair and timely financing.

In accordance with the terms of insurance and the degree of regulation of insurance cases, we evaluate the quality of service provided by your partner insurance companies, which is important for you to decide on future cooperation with them.

In the process of monitoring and completing insurance cases, we provide you with the relevant information on the status of insurance claims regulation as well as information and recommendations about the risks and faults, which is important in order to increase the quality of insurance services.

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