Do you want a helpful Employee in the Office?  Then know Their Needs

Do you want a helpful Employee in the Office?  Then know Their Needs

Do you want a helpful Employee in the Office?  Then know Their Needs

26 May. 2022

The principle of employee involvement is essentially the same as what we have at home or with our children.

Employee involvement should not only be reflected in separate, isolated projects, but should also be implemented in the day-to-day life of the organization.


Effectively managing employee initiatives and engagement not only increases a company’s profits, but it also helps increase employee motivation and employee productivity.


According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, there are 5 types of needs. Among them physiological needs are the most important and vital.

Further requirements are - security, safety, financial stability, etc.  Love and relationship are the third type of need .

The fourth type is the need for respect, appreciation, and attention.

Finally, at the top of the Maslow pyramid is the need for self-expression, namely the need for self-development and self-realization.

Let's match the above needs to the needs of employees:


Minimum work requirements

Physiological needs for employees include appropriate workspace, comfortable chair, air conditioning in the work room, appropriate break and sensible guidance.


Financial security

The financial security of the employee means that he / she has a suitable salary for the position and the salary is accrued on time.

Such an attitude shows the employee that the company is growing, financially stable and continues to operate.

Well-being and personal safety are related to issues such as a safe work environment, as well as, for example, comfortable chairs and of course quality medical insurance.


Love and care

The warmth and relationship on the part of the employer can be manifested in the organization of joint activities, such as recreational tours, corporate dinners in the evening, film screenings, nature parties, sports activities - participation in competitions.

An important stage in employee relations is meeting them periodically and providing them with information about company news, new challenges, or successes.



Appreciation for your employees is associated with celebrating their achievements, introducing activities such as: Team of the Week, rewards based on company value, bonus and transparent payroll system that will increase employee motivation in the job and their labor efficiency.



The need for self-expression is a black belt of employee engagement. According to Maslow, this need arises when all other needs are met.

The expression of self-expression and development is the planning of career stages and accelerated development programs. To meet this need, the company must have a useful human resources department.

The employee should have a clear answer about where I will be in 10 years, if I stay in your company and what exactly will I do?

It also means having a clear picture of the company’s future development and career development opportunities.

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