Cash and Valuables Insurance

Cash and Valuables Insurance protects companies from unexpected or unforeseen circumstances which is related to the theft of money and valuables (precious metals) or their damage / destruction.

The insurance covers cash and valuables:

  • In safes (storage, cash desk)
  • In payment machines and terminals
  • During transit (shipping)

Insurance Coverage

Includes money and precious metals damage because of the fire, explosion, fall of the thunder, as a result of the crash of an aircraft or part of it.

Includes money and precious metals damage as a result of sudden failure of water supply, heating, fire, and sewage systems, from the intrusion of water from neighboring stalls, or from the outflow of groundwater - if they occurred as a result of a natural disaster.

Includes risks of destruction of money and precious metals and their disappearance as a result of theft, robbery, burglary, and vandalism.

Includes damage to money and precious metals - from earthquakes, hurricanes, hail, storms, landslides, floods, river floods, snowstorms, heavy rains, rock falls, avalanches, or other natural disasters.

Includes risks of damage and destruction of money and precious metals from vandalism by third parties.

Additional coverage can be used to cover the financial losses incurred by an employee.

Includes property damage - as a result of the war, hostilities, public demonstrations, and as a result of sabotage.

Additional coverage can be reimbursed - War Clause, as well as financial losses due to strikes, mass riots, civil commotion (SRCC Clause)

Our Benefits

We make personalized insurance product design for your organization that stands out from any of our insurance company products by its quality.

We find terms of insurance on our product from the relevant insurance companies, analyze their quotes, and choose the best / optimal one.

We handle the full process of insurance that includes reviewing a contract with a selected insurance company, assisting with the preparation of necessary documents, managing, and controlling issues arising in the insurance process.

Monitoring involves managing service with an insurance company that helps insureds in a fair and timely settlement of insurance cases. The service also includes surveys of the insureds and management of revealed faults in service.

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